How To Play Fantasy Games

If you aren’t sure about how to play fantasy games online on LivePools, then do not fret and just go through our simple guide below:

Step 1: Register / Log in

Three easy options to register: Facebook, Google+, Your E-mail

Step 2: Select Your Sport

Choose between Football and Cricket

Select from the available group of matches

Step 3: Make your combinations

Use your sporting knowledge based on the stats and figures on teams and matches provided on our website. You may consider your own research material. You can make upto 3 teams. The winner of a Game will be the Participant whose virtual team accumulates the maximum number of points based on the real time sports being played in the designated Event.

Step 4: Enter Challenges

Once you make your combinations, join our free or paid challenges

You can use the free platform for fun and even do a warm up to test your skills or if you are a confident soul then go for the paid challenges, which require an entry fee, and let you win cash. You can also challenge your friends to make the competition more interesting.

Step 5: Monitor Live Standings

As soon as the live match commences, you will see your points moving depending on your choice of combinations for the match. If you manage to outwit other players with your skills and combinations, you win!

You may have played many free online strategy games for sports, and probably by now you are even a guru. Even if you aren’t yet then come to LivePools and see for yourself how much fun fantasy sports can truly be. While we invite you to come join LivePools, there are players already set to challenge you to see who’s better at the sport. Similarly, you can challenge them if you think you got what it takes to outwit them.