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Put your sporting knowledge & skills to test, based on the data provided by us, by playing online fantasy game India and see where you stand among other competitors. Like the concept for sports′ online fantasy games, based on your selection of the combinations, how your team performs in real matches, and of course the eventual outcome, you will score points. Your total points will be the defining factor for your position among the rankings. You may already have been an avid player on the fantasy sports online in India or maybe you are a rookie – doesn′t matter. This is all about about your skills at the end of it. So, depending on how much you know about your beloved sport, and your research skills of course, all you need to do it sign up, login and get started by making your combinations. The fun will begin the moment you step your foot in the live arena with other players who have put their skills to test by making their combinations. You want to make it more interesting? Give a shout out to your friends and ask them to join in. Compete with them and see who′s got it in them to lead the pack! Again, remember, this is a strategy game based on your selected outcomes before matches begin and the pools close. So, if you brush up on your sporting knowledge, you′ll have a much better chance of winning! Come join us at LivePools, and you will experience the fun yourself. Time to get–set– go. May the best mind win!

may the best mind win

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Livepools is one of the few Fantasy based apps in India, with options on playing multiple sports like Cricket, football and even Kabaddi.
Its been a fun experience and I have made a lot of cash out of it too.

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One of the best apps to predict and win. Easy user interface and have a lot of different options for Football and Cricket. May the best Mind Win.

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Livepools is the best online Fantasy gaming website. I have made a good amount of money playing on Livepools. I have experienced the best Customer service and the payouts are huge. I strongly recommend Livepools to every person who loves Cricket Fantasy.