Fantasy Football Premier League

There is enough happening with Football these days courtesy the thrilling matches of the Champions league, Europa league and English premier League. While some fans experience the thrill by just watching and enjoying their favourite teams going gung-ho, there are some for whom sky is the limit. These are the fans so delved in the game that they are well equipped with the knowhow of the game and will put it to show during their group chats with friends and colleagues who themselves are ardent fans of the game. Even when this doesn’t suffice, these fans then participate in fantasy football to get a feel of the game.

Livepools is a platform exactly for such die-hard fans. They can register/sign-in to the website and based on their knowhow and skills of the game, they can make the right soccer football game prediction and win prizes. However, more than the prize, the ultimate goal of any die-hard football fan is to prove that s/he is the best when it comes to football amongst many other fantasy football premier league players who too are there just to prove that.

When you are playing fantasy football league on Livepools, the outcome of your performance is defined by a very simple point system. Per match, what you get to do is choose the outcome of the game, and from each team you get to pick one, star performer. If the outcome of the actual game is exactly as per your predicted outcome, you score 3 points. If your chosen players are actually the star performers in the actual game, then you score 5 points for each totalling to 10 points. All in all, per match you can score a maximum of 13 points. If you outperform the rest of the players, you win! You can partake in as many matches as possible.

For those who are seasoned enough with premier league games online, know exactly how intense the competition is. Every player comes in with their ‘A’ game to prove that they are the best football fans and they are skilled to enough to make the right premier league predictions. Livepools does just all of that. Giving that perfect platform to those fans who have something to prove. To make the challenge even more interesting, Livepools lets you call out to your friends whom you can challenge and then see who is a better football guru in the group.

If you are intrigued enough to get started, do not wait any longer. Just log on to Livepools and challenge other players and see it yourself that in no way this platform is short on any kind of excitement.