About LivePools

LivePools Private Limited is an online service provider company and is engaged mainly in the business of development and maintenance of all kinds of software products and applications, including but not limited to designing and developing of software for media, entertainment, movies, animation, and designing, planning and maintenance of web pages, websites, computer based multimedia training to learn about the internet, internet games, virtual games and java games.

LivePools along with its associated applications, partner applications and mobile applications, at present, offers cricket and football based online daily fantasy sports games.

LivePools is known mainly for its skill based sports predictor game platform, where hordes of users participate to make combinations for matches to come to challenge other players, win by scoring maximum points based on their sporting knowledge, skills and eventually by how their chosen team performs in real life matches.

You will find out for yourself the time you sign up for this exciting skill based fantasy sports platform. Seriously, there are no limits but just opportunities. Not just the opportunities to win prizes, but also the opportunity to see how far you fare compared to other sport lovers who are competing with you, armed with their knowledge and skills of the sport, on the same level. Always know that it is purely your skill and knowledge of the sport that will give you a competitive edge over the other players; if you just set it right then you will win hands down. Currently, there are many matches to play for football. Cricket is soon to be launched which will add more adrenaline to the competition. So, while we are setting up the pitch for the competitors to join the fantasy cricket leagues, the players in the mean-time may join our football leagues which are up and running live. The UEFA Champions league is on and our players are enjoying some mouth-watering clashes. We, at LivePools, invite you to join the fray too and give them a tough competition.